Our Services

TSG utilizes certified project managers and associated methodologies to ensure completion of projects to the client's satisfaction. The project references below are provided for example purposes only and do not represent an all-inclusive list of the capabilities and experience of our Company and key personnel. Please contact us for a more detailed discussion regarding your specific needs and our demonstrated ability to identify and deploy an appropriate solution.

Acquisition & Logistics

With roots in both commercial and DOD supply chain management, TSG has a demonstrated history of leveraging commercial best practices to satisfy the needs and restrictions of federal contracting.

  • Acquisition strategy development and execution support for multi-million dollar facility use contracts.
  • Commodity management and acquisition strategy for aircraft sustainment parts.
  • Warehousing and distribution strategy development and deployment for large medical device manufacturer.
  • Warranty processing and repair improvements for large tier one automotive supplier.
  • Risk identification and mitigation strategies for the transition of production operations from an incumbant supplier.
  • Make/Buy business case analysis that incorporated financial, operational capability, and risk considerations.
  • Market research, downselect, and capability validation support for international supplier of critical DOD ammunition component.

Operational Analysis & Engineering

Our credentialed analysts, engineers, and program support staff perform analysis that is commensurate in time and scope with the needs of the decision making process.

  • Financial performance and viability assessment of Congressionally-driven US Army facility use program.
  • Manufacturing footprint optimization for large DOD supplier.
  • Facility sustainment and optimization strategies for large DOD ammunition production facility.
  • Analysis of projected contracting requirements and development of subsequent leveling strategy.
  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM) for major US Air Force weapon system sustainment supply chain.
  • Development of supply chain integration tool that consolidates bills of material, contract management, orders, deliveries, and inventory.
  • Development of a methodology and data model for assessing potential financial opportunities related to changes in facility utilization.

Program Support

We have been providing DOD weapon system program support since 2003, to include a variety of related topics as described below.

  • Report to Congress to request, and provide justification for, a change to the enabling program legislation.
  • Launch readiness and supplier quality assessment for automotive manufacturer (internal and selected tier ones).
  • Production of quarterly newsletters and development/maintenance of a website to market program benefits.
  • Concept of operations and stand-up support for weapon system supply chain management organization.
  • Program scheduling, change management, and administrative support for various DOD program offices.

Education & Training

Our Education and Training support has ranged from large off-site seminars lasting several weeks to 1-hour awareness seminars.

  • Instructor-led aircraft sustainment education for over 3000 students, as part of a 6-9 week offsite course at four client sites.
  • Curriculum development lead for 9 modules of the above course, to include supply chain concepts, process improvement, warehousing & distribution, and more.
  • Two-day offsite workshop on process management and control for DOD program offices.
  • Numerous education and introductory workshops for MS Project, MS Excel, and various program management topics.